What are the best suburbs in Brisbane?

topic posted Tue, May 24, 2005 - 7:37 AM by  Amulya
I am moving to Brisbane in about 4 weeks and I would like to rend a house. But where? What are the best suburbs? I prefer not to live close to the city but in a more quite place.
Any sugestions?
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  • Sam
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    Hi Amulya,

    If you like plenty of forests and hilly vistas, then the outer norther suburbs are worth looking at. Areas around Samford are nice (I live in Bunya), but can be expensive these days. Depending on how built up you are prepare to live in, Ferny Hills and Ferny Grove are good. If you want to live closer in, then I couldn't really tell you what the 'burby' suburbs are like - I prefer a bit of bushland around me. An insurance company should be able to tell you what the safest suburbs are.

    -- Sam.
    • we would like to live somewhere were we can have quite some space. We come from Holland, it is really crowded there so that is why we are looking for a place with some land around it :-)
      • hey there

        if you want quiet and yet don't want to be too far from the city, then mt nebo might be worth a look. Or even some areas in The Gap and Bardon, which are quite leafy but not too far from town.

        You can get lots of space at Dayboro/Samford and the like too, and also good to consider down close to the water would be Victoria Point, Thornlands, Cleveland. If you can, come up to Brisbane and spend a few days or even a couple weeks if you can checking out the landscape in all these different areas, because they are all significantly different. eg. Dayboro is spacious bush and quite dry, Mt Nebo is thick bush and cool with lots of bell birds, Vic Pt/Thornlands/Cleveland has the whole benefit of being near Moreton Bay and then Bardon/The Gap give you the ability to have some space from neighbours (given the right house selection) but yet still be close to town/jobs/universities/etc.

        There's probably some good places to check out on the southside of brisbane, but I don't know that area too well so can't make any recommendations.

        • Sam
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          Mt. Nebo is really very nice. I would love to live there! I know a few people from there who are in our local Greens branch. They have a wonderful, close community. There are patches of rainforest combined with normal bushland. It get colder than the lowlands by all accounts. It was too far from the city for our when we were looking at where to live - maybe we will move up there some day.
          • It will probably best to have a look after we arrive. I have no idea of how big Brisbane really is ;-) . It also depends on where my husband will get a job (I am more flexible with my work)
            • I hope this is not too late. May I suggest Carindale - about 7/8 klm from the CBD and close to the Bruce H'way and also to the beach.
              • *grin*
                The other thing you'll find about Brisbane is that everyone has their preferred areas and you pretty well stick to them once you get there. And there's this whole northside vs southside thing.... It's quite amusing.

                I've lived in Brisbane since November 1996 and have stayed living in the same suburb the whole time! :-)
                • What is the northside vs southside thing? I heard the climate is different, so I can imagine people have their preferences.
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                    The northside-southside thing is a bit of friendly rivalry about between the occupnts about which side is best. I don't know if the climate is significantly different, although the southside is a lot flatter. The outer northern areas seems to have more hills and forests., but that could just be my northside biases -)
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                    LOL - just a friendly rivalry thing is right
                    kinda like the queensland vs nsw thing
                    or the nsw vs victoria thing
                    or the any state vs tasmania thing

                    just a localised version of that :-)
                    no significant climate diff from north to south, but it gets colder in winter the further west you go (eg ipswich) or hotter in summer
                    • Hi Everybody :)

                      Thanks for all the reactions. I appreciate it a lot. We arrived two days ago in brisbane and we have started the process of hunting for houses. ;)

                      We have collected the list of suburbs now we have to go and visit them to find out the best match.

                      I will keep you updated.
                      • Brisbane is huge and what works for you depends also on where you work and how car-dependent you want to be. eg Mt Nebo is nice so long as you want to be totally car dependent, even to the point of taking your own garbage to the dump. There are no shops up apart from some cafes. Most older suburbs are very green and leafy and nice, but much more expensive to buy into. My advice would be do not buy anything till you have been here for a while.. I have lived in Bris for 14 years, in Herston, Ashgrove, Moorooka, Annerley.. now Everton Park which is not 'groovy' but has a train/bus close (essential for reducing car use)